Greetings Supporters of Dan Mielke and fellow Conservative Constitutionalist:

Just as you likely are, I too am disgusted by the way our Constitutional rights and freedoms are being trampled on.  Not only do we have a president wielding power at will, but our Republican controlled Congress refuses to take the necessary steps to stop him.   We can ill affordBEN to continue to send Representatives to Congress that are weak on the Constitution and weak in their efforts in stopping this governmental spending spree that is destroying this country.

I believe in the message that Dan Mielke was trying to instill.  Non-wavering Constitutionalism, the way the Founding Father would have wanted it.  As you may recognize, I’ve used a strategy similar to his and put it all on the table.  Maybe it’s too much information to digest, but this way there are NO unexpected surprises, NO hidden agendas and NO misunderstandings.  I want to earn your trust, as he did.   

When asked at a Wisconsin Public Radio debate at UW-Superior if he would support Sean Duffy were he to lose the 2010 Republican primary, Dan Mielke said “I’d much rather support the young man sitting in the back row - Mr. Raihala”.  Though short of an official endorsement, I believe you’ll come to a similar conclusion after spending a few moments reviewing the information in my website. 

I welcome you all to explore my website - to find the answers to your questions - to better understand what I’m all about and to challenge yourself in making the best choice for your Representative in Congress.

I graciously thank you for your time and would greatly appreciate your consideration.