Greetings to you all:

With all the lying, deceit, and convoluted disagreements in government, it can be very disheartening and frustrating to make voting a worthwhile endeavor.  That why I’ve made my views and beliefs on the issues as clear as possibly so that there are NO unexpected surprises, NO hidden agendas and NO misunderstandings.  I want to earn your trust and encourage you not to give in to evading a ruling government that you may feel helpless against - because you are not.  The “I didn’t vote” demographic is always the largest group that could affect an election’s outcome and it scares the hell out of every sitting politician because its potential turnout is not known. 

      “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
                                  Martin Luther King Jr.

Roughly 100,000 Wisconsinites, in just the 7th district alone, find some reason not to vote in mid-term elections (midpoint of the presidential term).  These federal and state elections have just as much, if not arguably more importance than the presidential election.  Please allow me a few moments of your time by diving right into the Issues Page and find something that may inspire you to participate in this summer’s early primary - August 12th.  I hope, at the very least, I can convince you to invest a bit more time to regain hope in our election process and to open your eyes to the severity and consequences of not making an informed vote when instead we rely on the votes of others much less informed.

I welcome you all to explore my website - to find the answers to your questions - to better understand what I’m about and to challenge yourself in making the best choice for your Representative in Congress.

I graciously thank you for your time and would greatly appreciate your consideration.