Welcome Past Supporters:

I was truly honored to receive your votes in 2010.  You took the time to see what I was about and you sent a message when you made your vote.  Not all Conservatives are Republicans, Democrats have many of them too and we all just want this fiscal spending nightmare to get under control before our country ends up financially destroyed. 

Four years have past since then and we are still talking about the same problems - nothings has been fixed.  We can ill afford to continue to send Representatives to Congress that are weak on the Constitution and weak in their efforts in stopping this governmental spending spree.  That’s why I’ve made my views and beliefs on numerous issues as clear as possible so that there will be NO misunderstandings, NO hidden agendas and NO unexpected surprises.  I hope, as in 2010, that I can earn your support once again. 

If I could kindly ask for two simple small favors from my past supporters that would greatly help my cause and save me a tremendous amount of time and effort.

  • Tell one friend about my candidacy (okay, at least one friend).  Possibly someone that you suspect doesn’t vote and insist on them viewing some material from the website.  I have 36 positions thus far on my issues page, there has to be something they will like and can relate to.
  • Help me out in getting those nomination signatures.  I need to ask this time because with the primary being so close [August 12th] I’d much rather be out campaigning than getting 1000 signatures by myself.  All the details and instruction are at my ‘lend a hand’ link.  I understand the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board is currently accepting Mickey Mouse and Harry Palm as signatures, but please let’s just limit the signatures to maybe a spouse, family, neighbors, friends, church members, the starting lineup of the Green Bay Packers, civil club members, and whoever else that can help with the cause.

Please continue further and explore my new and improved website.  Hopefully it better informs, educates and challenges everybody in making the best choice for your Representative in Congress.

I graciously thank you for your time and would greatly appreciate your consideration.