If you can’t print out the .pdf file for whatever reason, you can simply go to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board’s website and fill in the GAB-168 Nomination paper for Partisan Office - Printed name column .pdf file

1.  Click and enter the GAB page

2.  Click and open the second attachment GAB-168 fillable.pdf  224 kb

3.  Use the following information to fill in the blank boxes (left to right/top to bottom on form)

  • Don Raihala
  • 1822 Iowa Ave.
  • check city box
  • Superior
  • Superior
  • WI
  • 54880
  • check general box
  • 8-12-2014
  • Republican
  • Congress - House of Representatives
  • check district box
  • 7th
  • 7th Congressional District of Wisconsin
  • In upper paragraph check him box

4.  Leave everything else blank, especially date boxes.

5.  Any questions?  Contact me.

6.  Thank you so very much!


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