Don, I like what you’re all about, what can I do to help?

A Helping Hand to get on the Summer Primary Ballot:

With a little effort you can help out in obtaining the minimum 1000 nomination signatures necessary to get on this fall’s primary ballot.  Even if you only get just a few friends and family members, it all adds up and is greatly appreciated.  It’s also a good way to get out and meet the neighbors and get some exercise at the same time.  Keep me posted with a quick email or twitter blast if you’ve got some coming.  Many thanks in advance!

    FUN FACT: In the 2010 candidate signature nomination process, Don Raihala personally acquired well over 800 signatures, Julie Lassa had 10 and Sean Duffy was so busy that he personally acquired zero.

Complete instructions and a filled ballot nomination form can be found by clicking here.


From the Comforts of Home:

There are many things that you can do to help me out.  The easiest of them is simply spreading the word that there is another choice for Congress in 2014.  Internet technologies has made reaching out to hundreds, with a few key strokes, much easier.  Facebook, Twitter, blogs and everything in between can help spread the word almost instantly.  Postings that list and link back to www.votefordon.com all help in making my chances for victory more viable.  A simple phone call to a friend can also greatly help me out, especially to the elderly that desire to be informed and/or those in rural locations with limited media access.  Contact with those over 65 years of age is crucial and much harder in such a vast area.  Wisconsin’s 7th district ranks 32nd out of 436 districts in the US for those over 65. 

    (un)FUN FACT: 2010’s candidate comparison website, developed by me a bit too late, received over 10,000 hits in the week of the primary.  A rookie lesson well learned.  Proof again the early bird does indeed get the worm.


Throttle it Up a Notch:

Write an editorial in your local newspaper.  Many of these smaller papers, with smaller staffs, aren’t likely to report on the antics of a under funded Conservative challenging a sitting Republican.  You can help them out with your submission by making it known to people, that may have grown a bit lukewarm to Sean Duffy’s party controlled voting parameters, that there’s a new choice this year.


I Like the Message, but have no Time to Help.  Your Money Donation is always Appreciated!

Who’s got the largest Congressional District in Wisconsin?  We do!   It’s nice and roomy though when you spread out the over 710,000 people each district has, but not so nice when contact needs to be made during elections.  I don’t foresee amassing millions to brainwash the public with an endless loops of mundane commercials and quite frankly I think people get a little sick of it during the election cycle.  What I can envision is putting the shoe tread to the pavement and plugging voter roll addresses with election info.  Can it be done?  My mayoral candidate friend Kevin Peterson and I plugged all of Superior, population 26,000, in less than a week.  Indeed it can be done, but it will take some funds.  Flyers, mailers, signage, voter rolls, printing costs and outside costs all come at a cost.  Volunteers are greatly appreciated, but hired help is necessary in certain situations and locations.  It’s amazing how much ground a high school fund raising sports team can cover for a few hundred dollars.  All campaign donations are closely regulated by the Federal Election Commission.

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The Don Raihala for Congress campaign does not receive any personal financial information from PayPal Political Fundraising and is limited only to receiving the name, address, occupation, employer and donation amount of the campaign contributor.  Please list occupation and employer in the memo field on all contribution over $50.  If there are any questions concerning federal election campaign contributions they can be found here at the Federal Election Commission.


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