Listed below are some of the more currently debated political issues in our country.  I have taken a great deal of time to ensure that everyone has at least a handful of topics of interest to them when forming their candidate opinions.  Please take a moment to read through the list and click on a few that may help you understand my views and beliefs and how I may vote on a particular issue were I to be elected as your Congressman.    Thank you for your time and consideration.


Since Roe v. Wade made abortion legal in the United States in 1973, it has unfairly become one of the main litmus tests for determining which party you belong.  As decisive as this has been in choosing a representative, the House of Representatives by itself can do nothing and is extremely limited to overturn this law without the full cooperation of the Executive Branch and Congressional majorities.  The beliefs and the differences of the Democrats and Republicans are polar opposites and are well beyond the debate of a woman’s right to choose.  I’ve linked here for you the party platforms because I believe that many form an opinion not even realizing the strongly worded beliefs and differences that each party’s candidate stands for.

    The DNC platform states:  The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and the woman’s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay
    The RNC platform states:  Faithful to the “self-evident” truths enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, we assert, the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed.

As it stands now with the newly mandated healthcare provisions every American is indirectly supporting abortion with your healthcare premiums and tax dollars.  Government mandated laws that force financial support of abortion are a direct attack on everyone’s 1st amendment right - Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion.  Were I to be elected, I would make all efforts to reverse this unjustly enforced financial participation that has been somewhat secretively redistributed on all Americans under the guise of health laws.  I am not in support of abortion and I leave that judgment for our maker.  I would support the House in removing the funding of women’s health clinics that perform abortions and reverse various parts of mandated health laws that allow for direct and indirect financial support from our pooled tax dollars and re-implement the use of the Hyde Amendment to lock in place the ban on federal funds being used for abortion.  


bailoutsNo more bailouts, period!  Not only can we not afford this nonsensical expenditure that our most recent presidents have indulged in, but it grossly rewards inept business practices and unjustly punishes the American taxpayer.  What this next Congress will likely see are potential bailout requests from health insurance providers, municipalities such as Detroit and Chicago, and states like California.  My answer to these and any others, be it commercial or governmental, that come looking for bailouts is simply this - No More Bailouts, Period!

Balanced Budget:

balbudgetIt appears that Congress and the President have always been incapable of taking steps toward balancing the federal budget.  Though the act of spending more than the tax revenue taken in has been around since the founding of our country, only in the last 10 years has it really accelerating to uncontrollable levels.  I am in complete favor of a balance budget amendment to the US Constitution.  I’m convinced the vast majority would prefer to have a constitutional mandated law placed upon their elected government to do the right thing, rather than feel completely helpless in having to watch our politicians continue to destroy the financial survivability of this nation.  There is no magical way for government to borrow or print its way out of record deficit spending.  It must adhere to the rules of survival that we all must to succeed.  As with any government program that is nearing insolvency, the options are the same - either tax more or spend less.  I’m all for spending less to solve our massive unbalanced budget.

Deficit Spending/Debt Ceiling:

Currently at a staggering $17.4 trillion, debt ceiling increases that pay for habitual deficit spending must not continue to be treated by politicians bushspending2as an election hindrance.  This is an extreme threat to our national security, obamadoing2our prosperity, and our freedoms and must be treated as such.  This needs to be the forefront issue and must play into the debate of all spending and governmental endeavors.

“If you benefit from the use of the U.S. dollar and want it to maintain its value, then this is The Issue”

Don’t be confused by Ivy League Educators and socialism advocates pushing this keynesian economic spending policy insisting that this will take care of itself - it has never worked and has left countries and their currencies in complete ruin.  The tough reality is there are only two unpopular solutions to solving this problem - increase tax revenues, reduce spending, or combinations of both.  Were I to be elected, I will side heavily on the reduced spending side of the balancing equation.

I will never vote for any bill that simply adds to this debt.  Any new spending bill that is brought to the floor of the House needs to have a real and substantial means of paying for it.  We are all tired of the financial juggling of expenditures and revenues that never materialize as estimated.  As a whole, all existing spending must also have reasonable cuts and saving measures implemented starting first with those most recently added under partisan tactics.

Economic Recovery/Jobs:

It is reported that there are many companies holding trillions in cash reserves because of the uncertainty that our current President has created.  We must not continue to place more undue burdens, many of them political in nature, on these businesses.  These hindrances are stifling development and expansion and is resulting in stagnant or declining employment or worse, creates more of an opportunity to drive business overseas.  Our country would be very hard pressed to survive without industrial and manufacturing based companies that provide well paying jobs and keep the cyclical flow of money from leaving this country.  So why are we continuing to take these risks by hampering big business?   

We must work with our industries and include their input in the decision making process rather than succumb to political environment special interest groups.  These two groups can work together as we’ll see with the Gogebic mining operation in Northern Wisconsin.  This and many other privately funded endeavors need to be green lighted to get this country back on track.  New restrictions on oil and coal exploration need to be loosened, approve the Keystone XL pipeline, relax stifling EPA mandates on oil refineries, coal and nuclear power plants - these and many more opportunities on hold all need to be set loose.  Government needs to create a more welcoming environment for industry and manufacturing to thrive and reclaim the jobs that have been lost to cheap labor overseas.  If it’s private based capital that’s funding a project and can be safely done, I’m all for it. 


SallieMaySince we all collectively support education with our tax dollars, it would only be fair to expect the best out of our K-12, vocational schools, and public colleges.  Overwhelmingly, these institutions are supported with your local property tax and state tax revenues.  Since the U.S. government is in a state of deficit spending, I am not in support of adding to it by involving more federal bureaucracy in a largely controlled state matter.  Any residual grants or incentives for furthering the adoption of Common Core standards and curriculum need to be instantly halted.

As with limiting involvement in education institutes, I am not for governmental involvement in student loans.  When adults make an informed decision to take on debt to further education there is a balance of risk and reward that needs to be adhered to.  I do agree higher education costs have gotten out of control, but most of these institutions are private or state run and need to be handled at the appropriate level.  Increasing federal involvement or throwing federal monies at these institutions only prolongs the hard decisions these institutions must take to be sustainable and affordable to the students and not the federal tax payer.


All states, by their own initiative, are well above any renewable portfolio standards set by the Federal Government.  In Wisconsin, overall electricity production has been state mandated to include 10% from renewable energy sources.  I think this is a reasonably fair compromise, compared to Minnesota’s 25% goal, considering alternative energy’s much higher production costs and its unreliability as a primary energy source.  These alternate energy sources are extremely limited as a major power source since at any moment they can go off-line and create very costly and dangerous rolling blackout conditions.  Most of these green energies are heavily subsidized and this distorts public opinion as to it’s viability as a sustainable energy option.  It doesn’t make much sense in spending taxpayer dollars to subsidize renewable energies that aren’t anywhere near self sustaining efficiencies.  Until new sustainable technologies are developed there will always be a demand for reliable electricity and affordable energy sources and right now those sources are coal, nuclear, and natural gas.  Subsidized energy only makes sense when the subsidy exists, in the future when our over spending government ends the subsidy the increased burden will fall the the consumers. 

Energy Producers Reporting Requirements:

Everyone felt the pinch in their heating bills this winter.  Cold weather we can endure, but [potential] hidden deceit in fabricated shortages for financial corporate gain is detrimental to the trust and well being of all Propane-shortageAmericans.  I typically don’t support expanded governmental involvement, but we’ve helplessly endured unnecessary energy spikes on an annual basis.  My rationale is the obvious lack of industry communication and inability to maintain consistent overlapping production schedules to avoid volatile so-called shortages resulting in price spikes.  This was the case in propane production, as storage tanks were kept empty and depropanizers were not near capacity going into the heating season.  This is the case with going into spring with gasoline, as apparently all refineries have to go into maintenance mode - at the same time.  Natural gas also gets it shot at profit gouging - there’s no shortage, just commodity trading greed stealing you hard earned money.  I’m more will to except a price increase due to supply and demand economics, but to continually call it a shortage when nobody is actually getting shorted is near criminal.

Environmental Policies

There’s a fine balance when it comes to society’s existence and advancements and the acceptable level of burden placed on the environment.  Obviously, and I think everyone agrees to some degree, the burden level on the environment needs to be kept as reasonably close to neutral as possible.  That being said, some of these EPA mandates and policies are ridiculous and extremely wasteful and even dangerous to our sustainability.  Want to cut down on electricity usage - ban the 100W incandescent light bulb.  Need more savings - now go after the 75 Watt bulb.  Want to cut down on car emissions - give cash for clunkers to keep them off the road.  Want to endanger the self-sustaining strength of the US military - close down the last and only lead smelter.  Increasing demands on efficiencies need to advance along with the development of new technologies, forcing it only leads to hardships and additional financial burdens placed on all of us.    

Up in Northern Wisconsin, we have one of the largest untapped deposits of iron ore in the world.  As a participant in the global economy (as taught in our schools), we have a responsibly to meet the world’s needs, albeit in a responsible way.  I believe G-Tac should have a bound duty to protect the environment during operations, also with unseen future issues, and reasonably replant and restore to a natural condition thereafter.  I’ve hiked in Minnesota’s Iron Range and quite frankly these old pits, now small lakes and overgrown with nature, are beautiful and fun to hike and fish.  


getitoutSodium Fluoride is a toxic poison.  We are lead to believe that by consuming water, at the right fluoritic level, our teeth will be strengthened against decay and yet at the same time there has been no outcry from rural well water drinkers and their rotting mouths  demanding fluoridation.  It may sound silly and to many drinking tap water is just as routine as eating GMO based foods or receiving a vaccination containing the mercury-based preservative thiomersal.  I could go on and on, but let’s finally do something about an known toxic compound.  Why is there such a divisive fight over this when it comes to removing this chemical that has so many proven negatives that overwhelm any claimed gain by its use?  Our friends in Chippewa Falls have done battle several times to keep fluoride out of their water and still, after all this time, no reports of mass decay and rotting teeth. 

Food Safety/GMO Food/Health

Our food is nutritionally dead and is likely killing us from within!  I believe as a whole, we either don’t know, don’t care or don’t have the time to investigate everything on a item’s ingredient list.  We do need government involvement in eliminating dangerous additives that most Americans don’t comprehend.  You can still GMO-billconsume whatever you want, the food just needs to be ‘fixed’, and in my experiences you would never know the difference.  There are literally 100’s of bullshit chemicals added to your food that make it look better, not necessarily taste better, and in all likelihood it is doing severe harm to our bodies.  Let’s look at just two - azodiacarbonamide and the more common MSG (monosodium glutamate), both by the way found to cause cancer in rats.  Azodiacarbonamide, until recently, was added to Subway’s bread, probably to give it more fluff, it’s also found in yoga mats.  MSG, found also to cause severe obesity in rats, is not surprisingly still added to almost all forms of junk food.  I’m pretty confident that, if you understood and had a choice, you’d ask to hold the MSG and azodiacarbonamide.

 The FDA has done an extremely poor job of monitoring ingredients such as those above and Congress has done an even poorer job of keeping abreast of the changes begmocorns made in the food industry.  Maybe even more disturbing is the FDA green lighting nearly all GMOs (GM foods) - genetically modified foods.  With GMO foods - the farmer, in conjunction with using harsher pesticides, is able to grow more food faster and cheaper than conventional methods.  The trade off is these Frankenstein foods have virtually no nutrients compared to non-GMOs and those deadly pesticides are introduced into your body and environment.  The big winner - Monsanto.  Holding all the GMO cards and the pesticide poison Roundup.  Don’t even get me started on their patents on aluminum and  barium resistant seeds and plants.  Monsantos’s monopoly strangle hold is a threat to the health and national security of our country and the people need to be protected by Congress taking action.

Pictured is a corncob test using GMO and organic corns placed in the woods.  Note how the squirrels eat mainly the organic corn, only eating the GMO as a last resort.  This similar test was shown by a farmer near Chippewa Falls, where a cow was given a choice of each and had similar results.  What do animals know that we humans are incapable of figuring out?  As a side note, all this farmer’s non-GMO corn and others in the region grown traditionally and certified as non-GMO are sent to the west coast for shipment to Japan.   

Foreign Aid

top-10-recipiens-of-aid-fy2013The United States spends roughly 45 billion dollars a year on both humanitarian assistance (60%) and military assistance (40%) to foreign countries.  Israel receives the biggest taxpayer handout at slightly over 3 billion dollars a year.  Given the current financial state of our country and the fact that most of these countries despise us anyway, I’d strive to lower this number as close as possible to zero.  I am definitely not for any aid being administered in a cash like payment - if there continues to be such aid then it must be closely accountable.

The United States has shouldered the ills of the world for far too long.  This burden needs to be shifted the the United Nations and be part of a world solution.  Now with the threat of Russia moving on Ukraine, there is talk of a billion dollar aid package - that makes no sense.  We can’t seriously be considering backing Ukraine in the event of Russia claiming it’s once held territory.  This money would be much better spent on humanitarian aid on our own people.

Global Warming

icecapGlobal warming is a whole lot to take in especially since the global temperatures have been actually cooling and the head spokesperson Al Gore is making tens of millions of dollars from his personal crusade.  Do we all need to be good stewards of our environment?  Absolutely and we are doing just that.  There is no need to squash certain industries (and jobs) because of political pressures and misguided theologies.  There is simply just not enough data to support global warming theories.  Global alarmists ignore that this planet has always had a history of cyclical temperature changes.  Record sun spot activity, earth wobble, and numerous solar cycles are not accounted for in these theories that the media will brainwash you by reporting it as factual.  In reality, the earth has gone through a complete industrial revolution in all countries and the best insufficient 100 year data that they can come up with shows only a quarter of a degree in temperature rise.  Not enough in my opinion to sound the alarms and take billions of dollars from this industry and redistribute them to others or even other counties.  It’s important to keep in mind that you the end consumer ultimately will bear all of the costs of any government mandated rules and regulations.

God and Religion

I take great offense to when my religion, religious beliefs, and my God come under attack from the extreme minority of this nation.  Our country is steeped in a history entrenched in religious liberties and beliefs.  Our Founding Fathers, whom nearly all were deeply religious, wrote the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing thisdnc underlying freedom for all so that no one or no religion undergo any type of religious persecution.  As your Congressman, I will always side with your God given rights to practice your faith freely as you see fit.

Many religious Democrats don’t even realize how deeply hard-line liberalism has infiltrated their political party’s leadership.  This collection of individuals, though a minority within the Democrat party, has an extensive commanding control on the influences and the direction of where the party is headed.  This is not the God loving and fearing leadership of past Democrats as JFK, Carter and Proxmire.  This is the new Liberal Democrat party bent on wiping away all existence of God.  Click on the image of DNC 2012 Convention Chairman to watch the video of the delegate vote on adding “God” and Jerusalem, as the capital of Israel, back to the official language of Democrat party platform.  Let’s forget about if he indeed received the 2/3 voice vote necessary for approval, the fact that it was even that close should be extremely disturbing to all Americans.   

Governmental Size

We have a big government that we’ve been mortgaging our children’s future to pay for.  Big government carries big costs and much of the time it’s not just paid with taxpayer dollars, but with diminished freedoms and rights.  NSA, TSA, ICE, EPA and IRS are the fastest growing government agencies and there’s no question that most Americans have growing concerns over their overreaching powers.

    “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.”                                                                                                                                                Thomas Jefferson

We must strive for a more reasonable and sensible sized government that we as taxpayers can afford.  To accomplish this, hard decisions on trimming agencies and reducing its employees will need to be made.  Political parties will argue on how we can do this in such a fragile economy.  I maintain, how can we not, when this bloated government is paid for by the our children’s future.

Gun Control

I am in full support of our 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights!  I cringe when there is news of a politicized shooting.  The gun grabbers Gun-Controluse the tragedy to instantly swarm looking to seize another piece of your rights or if for anything else to continue to fester public doubt.  These people fail to see the importance of this right, for it’s not just about the ability to protect one’s self, family and property, but it’s about possessing the ability to defend from being enslaved by a tyrannical government.  The short amendment to the Constitution is arguably the most important and reads clear and true:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bare arms, shall not be infringed.

The Republican and Conservative majority controlled House must be on guard at all times, ready to challenge and defend against any limitations that President Obama is going to try to instill in his last few years.  There can be no weakness or compromise in this matter because he has said he will try with or without Congress’s involvement.  To me, a comment as such by any President, especially one that has already weakened many of our Constitutional freedoms and is hellbent on erasing this one, is a threat to any law abiding American and puts all our rights and freedoms in danger.   I will proudly strive to achieve a NRA A+ rating.   

Homosexual marriage/rights

Our neighbors in Minnesota approved homosexual marriage through referendum.  California disapproved of gay marriage by approving proposition 8 which provided only marriage between a man and a woman is legally recognized and the courts ruled that was unconstitutional.  Once again a social issue will ultimately be decided for everyone at the Supreme Court level.  My view on gay marriage fairly put, is one of recognition and here’s why.  To me there is no difference from allowing a homosexual union or a homosexual marriage, it’s a matter of semantics, they’re both civil unions.  To a homosexual couple however, that may ultimately be the finally pinnacle of acceptance and happinessgay-marriage they rightfully should be allowed to pursue in our civil society.  As a Christian, who am I to lay judgment?  Christians, conceivably the largest group against homosexual marriage, should focus more effort on strengthen their marriages with God through Holy Matrimony.  That being said, if elected, I will lead the fight to protect the 1st amendment rights of religious institutes if there is any type movement whatsoever to forcibly contrive homosexual marriage into any religious establishment that rejects it.

Is there truly separate rights known as ‘homosexual rights’?  I support everyone’s rights, as long as your rights don’t infringe on another’s rights there shouldn’t be a problem.  Arizona has just conceded the rights of the religious community by the threatening powers apparently possessed by the NFL.  Sadly that bribing did happened, but eventually it’ll be right back in the Supreme Court.  Using that same Arizona example, I do support the rights of anyone seeking to purchase common goods and services from a business open to the general population.  However, a business owner offering specialized services to the general population that has a reasonable objection based on their 1st amendment right of religious belief should be allowed to chose their customers.  Quite frankly I can’t imagine why anyone would seek to do business where they are not welcomed.

Illegal Immigration

Immigration is a privilege, not a right. Those that are illegally present in our country are not entitled to citizenship. I will vote to strengthen our borders and will not reward amnesty to illegals. Open borders are allowing all sorts of non-immigration crossings including: drugs, human trafficking, weapons, gangs, potential terrorists, and eradicated diseases.

We, as a nation with a real adjusted unemployment rate closer to 18%, can not afford to release these jobs to people that are here illegally in this country. Along with the job loses are the added social service costs, schooling costs, health and emergency medical costs, police enforcement costs, jail and prison costs, and the least talked about is the illegal signhit on the U.S. monetary supply when currency is shipped out of the country.

Not only does having a weak and porous border have dire economic consequences to everyone’s pocketbook, but it also provides a continual source for illegal activity that is doing severe harm to our nation. Illegal drugs, human traffickers, terrorists, kidnappers, gangs, military style weaponry, disease, and a smorgasbord of nationalities from all over the world are entering this country illegally.

No one is saying that immigrants are not worthy to live in this country. What needs to be understood is legal citizen status is an earned privilege and not a right that we are lead to believe. There is an official orderly legal process that needs to be followed if someone desires permanent entry into our great nation. Our federal government needs to be the strong enforcer of our borders instead of wasting time and resources on trivial lawsuits against states that need this enforcement now. This is an utmost matter of national security. I would vote for the strengthening of our borders to ensure total protection from all unknown threats and wouldn’t vote for amnesty for those illegally in our great country simply because they are already here.


potEven though there are Federal laws prohibiting it’s use, there are now 20 states with some form of legalized medicinal marijuana laws on the books, 2 of them [Colorado and Washington] also allow for recreational use.  About half of those states approved it through pubic referendum, generally with comfortable majority margins.  I share the typical Libertarian viewpoint on this topic and that’s one of acceptance as long as it doesn’t trample on the rights of others.  Participants are still subject to public intoxication and illegal distribution laws.  I also believe that legalized recreational users forego the right to many of the governmental social services.  Marijuana is already a highly accessible drug, just as your high school aged child.  By legalizing it, the criminal element is greatly reduced, tax revenues that never existed are now collected and states can now use these new revenues to cure problems that were likely already there.  I cautiously await increased abuse reports from these states, but have yet one that is troubling.


My belief on Medicare is much as my belief on Social Security.  There are so many people that are depending on Medicare’s promise to be there for them at retirement that this health care option must be protected.  Just as social security is in danger of insolvency, so to is medicare and without any changes the program will not be able to pay benefits fully in the next 10 years.  Much like most government spending programs there are limited and unpopular solutions available- add more to the program through tax revenues or limit coverage or lessen benefits.  There is much confusion as to the exact available numbers and complex data on the survivability of this program, but as a generic belief for me there should be little change for those on medicare now or about to qualify and lesser benefits and tighter income qualification for those farther away from qualifying.  With Obamacare in the mix, and diverting funds away from Medicare, there could be any numerous changes to the current program structure. 

Minimum Wage Increase

Democrats have been talking a lot this campaign cycle about raising the minimum wage to benefit the low income wage earner and literally no mention of its impact on everyone else.  Labor is a component of cost of goods sold and if that increases the price of goods and services offered to the public will also need to increase.  Small businesses work with much smaller margins than the silicon valley companies frequently worked into this discussion.  Many of these businesses may not be able to absorb a 40% cost increase in their labor force.  If the public shies away because of lack sale due to the higher prices, workers will need to be terminated or possible the business may close.  The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) newly released report clearly explains the disadvantages and gross unfairness of such a destructive potential mandate.  Lifting 900,000 low wage earned out of poverty at the expense of 500,000 workers losing their job is not an acceptable tradeoff.  No where is it governmentally written that minimum wage was purported to provide an individual with a ‘living wage’ and any argument based on this is grossly misstated.  If there was such a great concern by Democrats, other than the current vote grabbing tactic, then it should have been taken care of in 2009-2011 when they controlled all branches of government.

National Defense

Our country must be so enabled to protect its sovereignty and that of its ‘closest’ allies.  A military force with superior weaponry must also be maintained.  Nuclear weaponry must continue to be a vital part of our nation’s defense.  We can’t afford to be spread so thin around the globe and continue to be the world’s guardians.  We need only to be so equipped to trounce the largest, most capable and most threatening force that is a viable risk to our nation’s sovereignty and way of life.  Military budgets will need to minimized and cuts will need to be made, but only to the extent that our safety is not in jeopardy. 

    “Military Spending is welfare for the well connected military-industrial complex, which enriches itself manufacturing useless boondoggles like the F-35 fighter.  We should never confuse legitimate defense spending with military spending, which promotes interventionism overseas and actually undermines our national security.”                  Dr. Ron Paul

NSA/Domestic Spying

I can’t imagine why anyone would be for the unlawful tapping of your own phone conversations.  It’ not just an invasion of your privacy, but a clear violation of your Constitutional rights.  The fourth amendment to the US Constitution is quite clear and reads as follows:

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. 

Some will argue this is protecting our country from terroristic threats.  How many freedoms do we need to lose under the guise of terrorism, it needs to end.  What about e-mails, texts, passwords and bank records?  I am very uncomfortable with the power grab, privacy invasion and the gross overstepping of the Constitution on American citizens.

    “Those willing to forfeit liberty for security, will have neither.”       Benjamin Franklin

I’d say under this administration it’s highly likely all internet traffic associated with your IP address is also archived.    Instead, I believe we should fully secure our borders, limit legal immigration of Muslims and others from terroristic countries, and do a much better job of monitoring visa holders and deporting visa violators.  However, I do believe that you do lose some aspects of privacy when communications are made outside of the United States to countries known to harbor terrorist.

President Obama

It’s hard to give respect a person when they surround themselves with extremists of questionable character.  The list of Obama appointees is many, but here’s my top two most disturbing appointees:  Kevin Jennings, with ties to NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association), appointed as Safe School Czar and Timothy Giethner a.k.a taxcheat Tim Giethner, knowingly failed to pay income taxes as IMF chief, appointed as US Treasury Secretary.  President Obama’s character is revealed in his obama-liesactions.  He appoints Czars to clear the hurdle of needing Senate approval for his appointees.  His appointment of Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, who never was a judge at any level and served as Obama’s Solicitor General whom worked on the Affordable Care Act created a very disturbing conflict of interest to which she didn’t recuse herself.  His inviting of an illegal alien as a guess at the State of the Union address.  All this is overshadowed by the fact that this President lies like no other.  Call it misrepresentation of facts, selective distortion of data, disinformation, misrepresentation, or whatever.  It’s as if he can’t be honest with the American people and that’s extremely disturbing and grossly unacceptable. 

Impeach President Obama?  I think so.  When you look at what Clinton and Nixon did to get impeached, it’s almost nothing in comparison to what Obama has done.  I believe his habitual lying goes way past political rhetoric.  He has consistently failed to enforce various immigration laws be it numerous violations of non-enforcement on border security or back door amnesty through the Dream Act.  He sides with radical Muslims be it weaken Libya by USA attack, siding with Muslim brotherhood back President Morrissey in Egypt or wanting to supply Syrian rebels that are known to be slaughtering Christians in Syria.  The list just goes on and on, it’s a very dire position he has put our country in.

ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act

Do you need to sign up for insurance due to the new government mandates call (800) F_UCK YO and a navigator will be right with you.  Sounds like the start of a bad Saturday Night Live skit, but it’s not.  The number is real, as with most Obama oddities and coincidences, but the joke is on us.  Sold to the American people by a river of lies: obama-laughing copy If you like your doctor - you can keep your doctor, If you like your plan - you can keep your plan, For the first time 30 million people will be covered by health care, It will cut the cost of your health care, and It will not increase the deficit.  All of promises have been proven to be grossly inaccurate or what I believe were blatant lies.  This plan is thus far a failure and will continue to so as it was intended to be only as a  stepping stone towards socialized medicine.  According to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) this plan, over the next 10 years, will cost American taxpayers nearly 2 trillion dollars and eliminate 2.5 million full time jobs.  As of now, only 11% of all new enrollees were people deemed uninsured, a far cry from the sham 30 million figure that this law was purported to fix.  This disastrous economic juggernaut needs to be stopped now!  Tort reform and opening interstate insurance exchanges need to be tried first and given time evolve and work properly.  With all the federal and state health care programs that already exist, there never existed such a dire need to sacrifice so much for so few, that of which the numbers are now currently exposing.

Repeal Obamacare?  Hell yes, repeal it!  You’d have to be complete ignoramus, oblivious to the financial state of the United States economy, to let this obvious reach for socialistic single payer health system continue along and financially destroying this country at the same time.  4 out 0f 5 new enrollees are receiving subsidized policies for now with your tax dollars.  When these subsidies end in a few years there will be such a cry over skyrocketing policy prices, it just may be too late.  We’d be so far better off just repealing this disaster and for now just pay the 8 billion dollars that was being absorbed annually by the hospitals to care for the uninsured.  That’s what originally sparked an opportunity for this future single payer plan to be set in motion in the first place.

Reforming Washington

Everyone’s a reformer when it comes to elections.  It all starts by electing the right House leadership that’s willing to bring reforming type bills to the floor for a vote.  I believe all elected officials need adhere to a much higher and stringent standards.  That they should succumb to a FBI background check and pass it.  Their financial data and income flows need to be monitored, as well as relatives beyond immediate family and need to include friends and cohorts - especially when sponsoring spending bills.  Lobbyists and others that interact with such officials also give way to more such scrutiny.  All forms of communication needs to be open for inspection.  No Congressman should be accepted with a history of learning, psychiatric, and behavioral disorders - even if treated by medications.  Some may find that one harsh, but if it’s a zero defects mentality standard (2-27) of our military forces that protect our country then it certainly must be a standard for those that guide it.

Social Security

A recent CNN poll found 43% of Americans had less than $10,000 saved for retirement, 65% had inadequate savings to retire, and only 10% had a comfortable level of planned savings for a lengthy retirement.   There are so many people that are depending on social security to be there for them at retirement.  I believe we must work toward preserving this crucial program for all.  My last Social Security statement had the following statement:

I would suspect, like most government estimates, that those numbers are overstated.  Nonetheless, sacrifices that are unpopular will need to be made in order to achieve solvency.  Making no sacrifices at all is ensuring complete system collapse for all future retirees.  These sacrifices could include raising the retirement age - now up to 67, raising the maximum taxable earnings ceiling - currently at a $117,000 level, raising the the employer/employee contribution - both at 6.2% of earnings or reducing benefits paid.  I believe the biggest fix needs to come by limiting early program qualification through certain disability claims.  Specifically, Congress needs to put limits on what conditions qualify a person to be disabled and not the American Medical Association.  There are simply too many AMA backed conditions, like depression and obesity, that lawyer backed claimants unfairly succeed in getting put into the system.  

Supreme Court

supcourtClearly the Supreme Court and many other Federal Courts have overstepped their capacity in order to facilitate their political agendas.   They are abusing the balance of powers by overturn legislative and executive created laws and stifling the general population’s voice by disallowing direct referendum legislation.  What we have here is misbalance of power, where nine unelected adjudicators sit wielding their authoritative might, many times with obvious political prejudice, commanding the ultimate unquestionable decisive authority.  Nowhere in the Constitution is it written that a Supreme Court justice shall have a lifetime appointment.  Only by tradition has this been allowed to carry on for so long.  While the conversation on term limits has been focused on legislative members, I believe that these nine justices need also to be included in the discussion.  I am in full support of adding a Constitutional amendment to limit their term of judgeship.


Nobody enjoys paying taxes.  Yet, the majority of voters have no problems with sending the same old rank and file politicians to Washington to continue the usual business of tax and spend policies.  I’d like to say “if you elect me, I will lower your taxes”, but I can’t.  If we can’t agree on cutting spending, which has been averaging $1.2 trillion more than what the government collects, then how can we even hope for a reduction of our taxes.  You may find some satisfaction in knowing the tax rate for the most wealthy individuals and corporations climbed from 35% to 39.6%, but that won’t help our financial situation much.  Though it’s nice thought knowing that JayZ and Miley Cyrus will be paying more, somehow I just know that we’ll be paying just that much more for the products we purchase. 

    “We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes non-work”      Milton Friedman

At the beginning of 2013 everyone’s paycheck that they took home was 2% lighter.  Not a good feeling knowing that government spending didn’t change one bit, but you took the 2% hit when the payroll tax cut holiday expired.  Actually, that payroll tax holiday was nothing more than a vote grabbing election scheme - remember social security is in very sad shape and without major changes will be broke in about 20 years.  They had no business giving that tax break in the first place.  In a responsible world without borrowing and printing capabilities, the truth is quite simple: more government spending equals more taxes you pay and less spending equals less taxes.  Here’s what I can promise were I to be elected - since few receive the benefits of government spending I will vote heavily on the less spending side, starting with the most recently added new spending.  So if the government program you’re benefiting from now existed say 10 years ago you’ll probably not feel that much of a pinch.  Any new spending will be paid by real tangible current spending decreases.  It is possible to bring our taxes down, but we’re going to have to pull together and make some sacrifices in order to see some results.

Term Limits

term-limitsDid the founding fathers envision term longevity such as John Dingell (D) MI, who thus far has served 58 years.  What about our own Dave Obey and his nearly 42 years?  I believe term limits are necessary to ensure a fair balance of new ideas and viewpoints, keep disloyalty and potential corruption at bay, and it limits the damage of suffering through a rogue official that votes consistently on party lines and irresponsibly ignores the facts when making decisions.  I also believe that full retirement packages need to be eliminated and any other future benefits need to be kept at a modest rate.  I also believe a constitutional amendment needs to be added to limit the life time appointments of Supreme Court justices.

Trade Agreements

From the Office of the United States Trade Representative, trade agreements can create opportunities for Americans and help grow the US economy.  I believe this ‘opportunity’ may or may not be the case for everyone, which may lead to inequalities that may not have been present when enacted.  Such may be the case with NAFTA, which my blue collar union friend loves to bring up, to which I maintain it was passed with a Republican Congress and signed into law by Democrat Bill Clinton.  Barring a case of national security, I feel that in an open free trade society such agreements may be antiquated, unnecessary and extremely hard to fairly enforce.  Yet, without them it could lead to an  inflow of exploitively low priced products that would lead to an even more complicated balancing of duties and tariffs.  I believe before any such agreements are entered, there needs to be a clear understand of who the benefiting winners are, the potential losers, and all costs and potential gains to the American people.


thankuflagAll Americans owe a debt of gratitude to the United States Armed Forces for preserving our country’s freedoms.  Promises made at time of enlistment to our military personnel need to be bindingly kept and adequately maintained as future needs evolve.  Our wounded warriors need to be treated with the best medical services available and the utmost care in order for them to proceed in a normal and capable productive life.  We must invest funds now until the massive claims backlog at the Veteran’s Administration is cleared up and these veterans can then receive the medical care and services that they’ve earned with their service.      

Wars/Military Conflicts

I believe the only war we should ever enter should be in defense of the American homeland and those of our greatest allies that directly affect our national sovereignty.  The United States is geographically blessed, being isolated from the world by two massive bodies of water, our direct interests - the Americas need to be strategical protected from foreign incursion.  I foresee future hotspots such as North Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, and numerous African and Middle Eastern countries that the US can ill afford to get drawn  into.  Much of my opinion of noninterventionism by the United States military comes from the political saddling that our boys have to endure after the conflict has started.  Instead of letting our military forces take out the whoop ass stick and bring it to a quick ending, some political dinks in Washington have to handcuff them with a modern day version of ‘don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes’.   This of course leads to more needless deaths, endless money being flushed and even more global hatred toward the United States. 

Wasteful Spending

This is OUR money! Yet we let the government spend it like they had inherited it. Too often the government is spending with no sense or no record of where the money went or what was done with it. We need Cut-government-spendingfull disclosure of the money trails and routine audits to ensure all spending is accounted for and used responsibly.

Fiscal responsibility needs to be mandatory of our elected officials. You certainly would not spend recklessly with your family’s money and then hope for the best in the future. Yet somehow it has become common place for our government to do just that. The national debt has become such a enormous problem that it literally hinders the decision making of all spending legislation. It doesn’t matter what political party you belong to, either way it is fiscally irresponsible to continue such unsustainable and reckless spending with no regards to the national debt. Those officials that continue to do so need to be quickly removed from office.



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