Greetings Democrats! 

Thank you for taking a few moments to explore why nearly 5000 of your fellow like minded Wisconsinites chose to vote for someone other than the nationally funded and DNC backed Congressional candidate.BEN  From this humbling experience, I’ve drawn the conclusion that this exodus was due to the growing Democrat resistance to the liberal hardline direction that President Obama has chosen to take this country.  These people are collectively saying:

    “Mr. President, you’ve continually threatened my Constitutional rights, endangered my country and it’s military personnel, refused to take any action to curb outrageous spending, trampled on my morality and have left nothing but hope for our children’s future.”

For many, it is simply too much to risk voting for and potentially sending another liberal to Congress when clearly our collective voices are yearning for representation to change this destructive course and fix this financial mess now before it’s too late.  

I welcome you to continue further and discovery the political similarities that we all share.  Though many of our country’s political disagreements have become so divided and convoluted to the point of ridiculousness, I think you’ll be surprised to find that if we focus on the big issues maybe we can conclude that we all are in the same struggle for the well being of our great country.

I graciously thank you for your time and would greatly appreciate your consideration.