Instructions for printing out Don Raihala nomination form for partisan office in Wisconsin:

Much appreciation if you could also send a confirmation as to what’s coming in.

1. Click on the following button and print out the .pdf file

    Set printer settings to zero margins or fit to page and black and white for best results
    If you can’t get that to print click here for manual instructions to directly fill form online at the GAB in Madison


2.  You are now ready to collect signatures!

      Important items to note so as not to invalidate a signature or possibly the whole form:

      The elector (individual signer) must sign and print their name.

      You the circulator may fill in the rest of the line information and make corrections as needed.

      Ditto marks are acceptable


3.  Once Completed  - Mail back to Campaign Headquarters in Superior

      Don’t forget to fill out and sign your (the circulator’s) information on the button of form

      Make certain all dates are between April 15th - June 1st, especially the date on elector line 1

      If everythings filled it’s probably good to go, if there are any other issues here are the official instuctions

4.  Thank you so very Much!


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