Greetings to the Youth of America:

I’m going to take my young friends advise get right to it no matter how painful it may be.BEN

Your future, your prosperity, your hopes and all your aspirations are being buried by a nearly insurmountable pile of debt.  All of it is in jeopardy by the grossly irresponsible and politically motivated massive amounts of government spending.  Nearly nothing is being done to put a stop to it and if there is any action it is minuscule in comparison.  Your future is my future, it’s everyone’s future and we need to demand more of our government to ensure that Our Future is a secure and prosperous one.

I’m not going to lie to you - the decisions that must be made to balance this mess will be unpopular to some, generally to those that have most recently begun receiving your tax dollars.  There are only two courses of action for solution - either spend less or tax more.  My inclination would be to opt for more of the spending less option.  Yes, there are many other political issues that need to be resolved, but they seem trivial if we can’t even begin to rectify our country’s most imperative issue involving our financial future - everyone’s well being as we know it today.

I welcome you all to explore my website - to find the answers to your questions - to better understand what I’m all about and to challenge yourself in making the best choice for your Representative in Congress.

I graciously thank you for your time and would greatly appreciate consideration.