I know how frustrating governmental politics can be for many of us.  It’s disheartening having to watch all the lies and deceit, the corruption and fraud, and all the political games that are played out in Washington.  This government has nearly spent our country into financial ruin and no matter who we send the results are always the same.  This is Our Future that they’re so callously dealing with.    It’s beyond unacceptable and borderline un-American.  It’s Bullshit! 

We need to get over the Honeymoon of Sean Duffy.  Being better than a 40 year incumbent isn’t a good enough reason anymore, especially if your voting record doesn’t reflect the conservative values that millions of campaign dollars would convince constituents elsewise.  I believe if we elect the right conservative candidates we can still fix our country and that task needs to start here with a commitment from us both.

The other candidates feel they only need to make clear a minimal amount of their beliefs on the issues in order for you to make an informed decision.  I’ve spent a great deal of time and effort, providing 4 times as many issues, to ensure that you fully understand where my mindset is at when it comes to these issues and other similarly related issues that will present themselves in the future.  When it comes to the possibility of representing 710,000 people the last concern a constituent needs on their mind is skepticism in your judgment.

Many of the other clickable links on the right are from actual voters that have asked these questions of myself.  Some are not even necessarily flattering to me and may in some cases be somewhat detrimental to my own cause, but my hope is it shows the openness and honestly of my campaign in striving to earn your trust and respect.  I want to make sure that you have the greatest chance to completely understand what I’m all about so there will be NO misunderstandings , NO hidden agendas, and NO unexpected surprises.

My hope is that you will not settle for anything less than Complete Clarity in 2014.


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