What the Hell?  You’re a Democrat in 2010 and now your a Republican?

No, to both of those statements!  I was a Conservative then and I’m a Conservative now.

One who is now responsibly running as a Conservative on the Republican ticket so as not to potentially divide the vote as a third party candidate would do in a general election.  It would be a shameful attempt and complete lunacy to try to garner votes in a historically traditional two party system by running as a third party candidate and anyone doing so should be viewed as such.

So what’s changed?  Today’s issues are nearly identical as in 2010. As a matter of fact, my beliefs and views used then are indistinguishable to that of my of my campaign now.  Even though the Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives, nothing has changed or been rectified.  The Republicans have squandered countless Conservative opportunities to reverse coarse on such dire and destructive out of control spending.  In fact, it’s gotten much worse and that should be disturbing to where ever you any fall on the political spectrum.

We, both Conservatives and Republicans, are nearly as divided as the Democrat party.  Ours being a more philosophical division - do we move more to the right as solid Conservatives or do we whimper back to the left as more moderate Republicans.  I’m going all in as a solid Conservative and I hope you will join me.


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