What’s the deal with endorsing Duffy in 2010?

Here it is, cropped from the old campaign site of 2010, in all it’s glory.  After the primary, Sean Duffy and I had talked and he asked for the endorsement.  I gave it to him even though I was fairly certain it wouldn’t help him, since it was placed and used only on my website just days before the election.  After 40 years endorsement2of Dave Obey, culminating with a disastrous $878 billion stimulus budget bump and Obamacare, anybody would have been better than to have another Democrat take his place and continue on with the irresponsible spending spree.  I absolutely shutter at the thought of - if the Republicans did not take back the House in 2010.  

Quite frankly, from what I’m seeing today in the other candidate, if I was in the same position I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  Something happens to well intending Democrats when they are sent to Washington - they become full blown Liberals.  They are way more irresponsible spenders and they like to infringe on your constitutionally protected rights and freedoms.  Nothing is worth that risk.

The only reason there’s a link button on this is because the topic was brought up and it did happen in 2010, so I wanted to clarify that before it potentially comes back and bites me on the ass.  For what it’s worth, I was actually quite grateful and appreciative of the consideration .  The only people that may have been fooled were the ones that didn’t read the material.


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